If you believe your child is a hero who can change the world, Bravo!

We believe that 21st-century education should prepare young people for the fast paced ever evolving future that lies ahead, where uncertainty is the only constant.

We founded Bravo! because we wanted to offer our community the option we believe best meets the criteria for such an education, based on the Acton Academy model. We want to equip our children not only to thrive in an uncertain future, but also to help shape our world for the better.

Accepting 6 to 8-year-old heroes, limited availability!

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Our Approach

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    Learner Driven

    We challenge children to take full ownership of their education by solving complex real-world problems using critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. To reach their full potential young learners set and attain their own goals, with long term orientation by our guides and support from their peers.

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    Self paced mastery

    Our learners have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, allowing them to quickly find their areas of strength while taking the time to attain mastery before moving on to others. This translates into being continuously challenged by their work, and thus be engaged and never bored.

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    Mixed Aged Studios

    Learning is naturally achieved in an open and fun environment where children of different ages share their unique skills, abilities and interests. We believe that ability is not mandated by age, and that humans did not evolve to be segregated according to their age group.

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    Hero's Journey

    We equip and inspire children to embark in a Hero's Journey, a powerful self-discovery adventure which instills purpose in their hearts, so their true passions set their paths and where curiosity, creativity and critical thinking lead them along the way. We set the stage for them to become independent life-long learners, find their unique gifts and change the world.

We turn education upside down

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    21st century skills to solve real 21st century problems.

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    Our guides are game makers who inspire, we don't have teachers who lecture and control.

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    Personal portfolios and group exhibitions instead of individual grades.

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    Written promises and covenants made by learners instead of rules imposed by adults.

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    We empower our learners by including them in every feedback and decision about their learning journey.

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    Frequent field trips deepen the possibility of research and curiosity.

  • 7

    No homework fosters more free play and enhances a fundamental family connection.

  • 8

    100% English curriculum equips Spanish speaking learners to succeed in a globalized world.

  • 9

    Lots of Free Play to develop the social skills necessary to triumph in life.

The Forest School we have all been craving for

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness”
– John Muir

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    Nested in a protected 17 hectare forest, with a dedicated campus area of 5 hectares and flanked by a small river, Bravo! offers plenty of opportunities for adventure, observation and investigation in nature.

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    Bespoke architecture and site design will allow for indoor comfort and plenty of spaces for work and play. Learners will be involved in the design and construction of such spaces.

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    Socratic discussions, hand-on projects and studio work outdoors.

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    Mindfulness practice and meditations embedded in nature.

  • 5

    Daily Forest Walks.

  • 6

    Bushcraft and survival skill learning.

“Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better”
– Albert Einstein

Community focused

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    Young people share learning in a tightly knit community bound by promises, accountability and a shared mission.

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    Family activities foster connection beyond “school life” and build a mindful tribe.

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    As a school, Bravo! is part of a growing community of 300+ schools around the globe. Through this network we are able to share growth experiences and find strong support to continually update and fine tune the learners experience.

Elementary Studio
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The Middle School Studio

Learner-driven communities run by heroes-in-the-making

Self-management and self-governance are celebrated daily by learners who use 21st Century skills to tackle real world projects, inspired by classic heroes in a tightly bound community with extremely high standards.

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The Hero's Journey

Learn more about how Acton Academy turns learning upside down.
"A remarkable book that captures the powerful journeys of Acton Academy’s founders, students, parent community, and — I hope — the future of education around the globe. Any school, whether traditional or innovative, will gain insights from this magical place.”
Ted Dintersmith
Education Author, Film Producer, and Philanthropist

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Our Mission

We believe each person who enters our doors deserves to find a calling and change the world.

"I would never have believed children could learn so much from each other...
until I saw it with my own eyes. The lessons of self-management and self-governance have prepared our fifth-grade daughter to be a lifelong learner.”
Parent, Discovery Studio